26th Birthday Recap

While yesterday started off rocky it turned into a pretty amazing days and one of the best birthdays I had to date.

Neil decided to surprise me by taking me on what I thought was a back-road that ended quite literally in water. We had to take a ferry across the river and then we were suddenly at Mammoth Cave. I had been there before as a child but had never been inside any of the caves so we took one of the small tours before getting back on the road.

This time we ended up in Nashville at the Botanical Gardens. The tulips were in bloom and it wasn’t too cold. It was really beautiful and someplace I would definitely like to explore further at some point.

From the Botanical Gardens we went to the mall where he got me this really cute pair of shoes for Aldo along with a pair of earrings to go with my outfit and we were off to B.B.King’s. It was a relaxed atmosphere and had a live band playing. Since I didn’t have the kids we got a drink which under Tennessee state law had to be shared by two people because it was 45oz. It was by far the best Long Island Ice Tea with a twist.

From there we came home I remember falling on the bed I am pretty sure I had shoes on and that was all she wrote. I am definitely pleased with my birthday he really outdid himself.

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