Who is Shawdy Red?

Born April 4, 1989 I am a independent spitfire of a woman. I was adopted at 4 days old by a white couple. Beauty pageants made up the majority of my childhood until I got pregnant with my first child my son.

I have been a victim of sexual assaults, and of domestic violence. I have experienced grief so intimately it knows my name. But I have survived. I am a survivor. By 29 years old I thought I lost both sets of my parents until one day a AncestryDNA test changed everything.

If you are tuning in for the first time here on my blog you are going to hear me talk about it all. From having to have a hysterectomy at 29 to dealing with anxiety. But the most exciting part is you get to journey with me through the next chapter of my life. Figuring out how to heal and gaining my Masters degree in mental health counseling.