Bama Baby

So I realized that I had yet to tell you all if the man was my Pop or not……DNA said he was 99.99% my Pop!

I went from being a orphan to suddenly having a new step-mom and Pop who lived 8 hours from me in Alabama.

Y’all guess who also is a writer? My Pop. You can check out his book on Amazon, it is called Chaos Within My Soul by D.L. Moore.

Oddly enough for me not to have been raised or to have known anything about this man. I was awful similar. Similar situations only in female form. Oh and my sister…..yeah she ain’t like that. She is the big sister I dreamed of and always hope

So over my break from work and the kids break over Thanksgiving I drove the 8 hours to meet my family. It was just like I should of known them all along.

I know why I didn’t meet him earlier in life prior to my adoptive parents dying. He was my Mommas worst fear. Had he known a breath of the fact he had another child who was adopted out without his consent he would have found me. So yeah its best this happened after me losing them because my Momma would of argued with him and if he had of came outta pocket would have killed any hope of a relationship like it was one of the reasons my biological mother and I fell out. So yeah everything happens when it is supposed to.

We have a lot to learn about each other….while we are alike in some was we are drastically different in some and that’s when you can see those Martha and John moments. I feel like I was blessed I had a Momma, Daddy, Dad, Mother and now I have my Pop. Everything fits and makes sense more. I don’t question where my looks come from anymore. I take pride in my roots and my ancestors struggles that brought me to this very moment in my life.

Here is to a future to learning new things about my new family!

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