Costume Discounters Review

I recently had the pleasure of getting a chance to review what will be Xay’s costume for this year. I know it’s a little early for thinking along those lines but I couldn’t pass up a wonder opportunity from Costume Discounters.  They had countless costumes for toddler costumes, kids costumes and adult costumes. Now I am the type that doesn’t do a lot of shopping online for clothes so I was a little overwhelmed by really having to choose. But I finally broke down and decided to go with the  Lil Frankee Costume and I have to say that it is the best choice I could have made. Whenever the package got here Xay and I sat down and proceeded to rip into it. 
The costume it’s self consisted of two pieces. A Shirt with a built in jacket that has a hood and pants that have shoe covers built in. It is made of polyester. I wasn’t as happy about the fact  the hood part was a little bit smaller then picture so it didn’t stand up like it should have but it was still a perfect costume very authentic looking and Xay wore it without complaint other then the fact we are going through a clingy stage. 
For those of us who isn’t quite as crafty as some when it comes to making costumes at home. They have many different choices for kids costumes. And for those little girls who like to play dress up there is a lot of Disney princess costumes.

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