Day 6

The house has been busy the last few days. One person moved out and now Chris is moving so he can work. He will be staying with his boss till I find us a house. It seems weird cuz now it’s my mom and dad, xay and PJ has been staying downstairs. But it is very quite and my body feels the difference.

But right now Chris and I are on the way back to Ohio yet again. This time however we are accompanied by Xay and my mom. Makes me a lot happier. But we are going to be meeting my real dad today. I can say I am really nervous because I know people aren’t always what they seem and while he seems to be nice and talks to me nice the truth is I don’t know him. It helps that I got Chris with me but I would have rather not taken my son and mom into this unknown situation.

I remain positive though and life is getting better.

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