DINO – The CVILLIAN Musical Review

I am a music lover of every shape and form. I never really had a chance to listen to upcoming artists until I moved to C-Ville where all the guys are trying there hand at the hip hop scene in some shape or form.

The first artists music that I was introduced was DINO who reps Rello World and everyone here was talking about him. Everyone is  proud because that is their family and he is on his grind doing big things. He just released a new video for his first single off his new mixtape The CVillian which will be released in 2013. The video is called Ride which can be viewed on youtube (click to watch). The video is sexy from the start and of amazing quality, like a video pulled right from BET. His smooth voice leaves you wanting to take the track straight to the bedroom.

When I think of an artist who has videos and is making a name for themselves you think this person is probably on another level with their attitude. 
Well I recently got a chance to meet this deliciously sexy young man and he was one of the most laid back and real people I have had a chance to meet. Not only is he an amazing musical artist but he is a very proud father of a little boy. Which gets him even bigger props for having his head on straight and taking care of his son.
 This 20 year old who was originally from this small town in Kentucky moved to VA and followed something he loved. He is proof that it don’t matter where you are from if you got a dream and ain’t afraid to chase it you can get it as long as you stay focused. 
So while I normally don’t blog about music I had to give him a plug. For those women out there who like hip hop music this man is a must to check out.

He also gave me the chance to work with some of his graphics which were included for your viewing pleasure.

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