Happy Second Birthday Xay!

Dearest Piglet,

Today you are two years old. It is hard to believe that it has been that long since you were in my stomach and ready to come join the world. You make me so proud to have you as my son. Everyday you are learning new words and doing new things. Your personality comes through so strong and I know there as so many more amazing things to come.

Today is your birthday baby and yes like you say you are two! People say that we will go through the terrible twos but I say that its just me shining through. Because Lord knows you are Mr Independent and you have selective hearing to. Yesterday I swear I said your name 10 times and all you would do is peak out from behind the recliner and shake your head at me. I could eat you up I love you so my sweet little boy. You have grown so big and so tall coming it at about 38 inches and 36lbs. You got your daddys feet too because you are already pushing out the size 6 shoes and ready for 7’s.

You are the resident animal terrorist too. From trying to ride the dog to dragging one cat by the tail everywhere to strangling the other with your hugs, you managed to get the hamster out of the cage so you could hug it, and you even managed to your mamaws wild finch and have it on the bed holding it.

Everyone in this house loves you so much baby and we would all walk through fire for you. So I hope today is really amazing and I hope your party tomorrow rocks. Happy birthday baby! I love you.

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