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So I just got this product in the mail today called MagnaPods. They are these cute makeup organizer and a toothbrush holder made out of high quality plastic. It is made for those of you who has a steel bathroom cabinet. However I did not realize, that my bathroom has wood cabinets so I had to improvise by buying magnetic strips from the store. After that it worked like a charm and I used it in my own way. I did use the toothbrush holder as I was supposed to….

I was quite proud of myself considering the total disaster that my cabinet is (again it is all because I share my bathroom with three guys). It made sure that my toothbrush was nice and clean and safe from nastiness. I like it. These little pods come in different colors….

I am really considering buying at least two more for PJ and Dad. Actually I am thinking of all the other uses that I can use these things for too.

As for the makeup organizer, well I improvised. I mean it’s great for the bathroom IF you put your makeup on in the bathroom, however, I do not. I use the mirror which is strategically placed next to my computer desk. So I once again I used the handy dandy magnetic strips and placed my makeup organizer pods on my mirror. Which is great I am very happy to have everything neat and easy to access instead of having makeup mixed up with my desk supplies.

These are my pods. I didn’t have everything to fill it up and some things that I had was a little to large for it but the main things that I needed fitted great. And if you do have slightly larger things the dividers come out so you can make a pod a little bit larger.

Here is an an example from the MagnaPods website. They have fixed divider ones also. All the products are remarkably cheap.

Now besides using these as make up holders these are cute to use on the fridge to keep random items at the ready, baby medicine such as the bottle of gas drops at the ready, a pen holder….or whatever else your imagination can come up with.

So now I am sure you are thinking to yourself okay, so you might have sold me on this product but what are we getting out of reading this review….well ask now more! Magapods have decided to give one of my readers the same set (granted the toothbrush holder might be a different color) that I have received.

This giveaway is closed! The winner thanks to is Mrs. Bushey!

This is a compensated review.

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  1. I saw your post on MckMama's forum. I'm glad to throw a comment or two your way. Give a ways are always fun and this is really a cute/useful thing to have! Expect a little surge of comments from me for each of the entries 🙂

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