Motherhood: Xadrian’s Birth Story

Wow I am a mother. Truly the idea never sank into my head until the moment they lay my son on my chest and I am still in a state of shock! But let me back up and tell you how this labor and delivery went.

As I think I posted earlier PJ had to be a Winchester this morning at 9:30. An hour drive one way. He is set to have his wisdom teeth cut out next Tuesday. Anyways I had been having contractions but hadn’t been timing them. So while walking in wal-mart I started paying more attention to the time and realized just how close they were coming. So it was decided I would go on to Hazard when I got done with PJ.

So after a pit stop in Jackson to get some of my stuff just in case off to Hazard we trudged and when I finally got up to labor and dilvery they checked me. I was still 2cm dilated but I was 70% efaced.

At roughly 1:30pm my midwife and the obgyn came in and broke my water. I was doing good up until about 4pm my doula arrived and we walked a little and rocked on a ball but the contractions were getting so bad that I ended up on the bed. By about 6pm my contractions were never ending seemed like I would have a super strong one followed just as soon as I started to come down with a lesser but just as painful one. I had enough. I didn’t want an epidural and I didn’t want to be doped up but being told I was only dilate to 4 and about 90% efaced was to much and I begged for just a small dose of anything to soothe the pain because I was losing energy fast (plus my voice too). So they gave a shot of stadol (sp?) and I was out like a light; except for when I had a contraction.

Around 6:45 the drug wore off and the contractions were back with a force! But the good news was in the period of 45 minutes give or take I was dilated to 8cm and 95% efaced. So they moved me to the dilvery room (the brand spanking new one that I got to have the first birth in).

At around 7:00 I was ready to push with each contraction. The pressure was absolutely insane. However I still had yet to eface and they were very vocal about not pushing. However that changed about 7:05 and push I did and let me tell you I think I would rather not have because Jesus that is not something I will ever forget.

At 7:15pm out pops in the midst of me screaming this wonderful bundle of joy. I held him as PJ got the pleasure of cutting his cord. I handed him off to be cleaned PJ going along with him.

Let me say that while I love PJ and my mom they weren’t as much help as my doula and midwife. I would have been lost and drugged up if it hadn’t been for them. All in all it wasn’t THAT bad….I did end up with 4 stitches, but it could have been worse.

Now I am laying here with my son by my bed and I could not be happier that all this happened to me. I have already had the pleasure of changing his dirty diaper and being peed on while changing said diaper(I can’t wait to see that happen to PJ). I am also his source of food.

Motherhood is a new journey for me and I already love every second.

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