Opps I Forgot Momentarily I had a TVH!

First rule given to you when you have any type of hysterectomy is what? NO LIFTING ANYTHING OVER A GALLON OF MILK.

Being a mom of 4 means there is a good chance I will have all my kids by myself at times now that we are a week post-op. Now, usually, things go smoothly because my son will help me but I do believe that he is sick of me being down because the last few days once he gets his chores done he goes straight to his room to play his Xbox with his friend.

So yesterday there was lot going on and it was the first day that I had minimal pain, no bleeding and was up shuffling around and lightly picking up. Stormy Weather was sitting in Bizzy’s booster seat eating muffins. At some point she got her foot caught because she was doing stuff she wasn’t supposed to do…. all I heard was the panicked, it hurts yell of, “mommy my fooooot.” Without a second thought I got my 2-year-olds foot unstuck and sat her from the chair to the floor.

As I stood up I knew I fucked up. Not in the “oh crap, we gotta go to the ER” but more like my body was saying, “You is about a dumb bitch better lay your ass down right now before I force you to the ground.”

The aches that I had not been feeling for the day came rushing back. I called the women’s center nurse like, um…….before I admit by guilt to anyone else (because my family would definitely give me the business for this) and panic I need you to tell me what I need to look for from sitting her down. She said, “if you have severe pain, bleeding or smelly discharge then you will need to come in.” All day I was on freak out mode because I felt more achy and more pressure but there was no bleeding so I guess I tweaked some things.

It’s a mother’s instinct to just come to our kids aid even at the risk of our own health. Do I regret getting Storm down? Yes, I should have yelled for my son. I should have stopped and processed what was happening, luckily, I didn’t actually rip any of the stitches or worse.

Today I am still ache more then I did yesterday when I woke up prior to incident. Maybe it is because today I am a little stressed out because my family dog of almost 10 years could be dying and I had to leave him at the vet to get fluids. But I have been trying to sit myself down. That is so hard for me to do because after 5 days I was BORED. Like I am tired of being laid up on the couch or bed…..I am tired of reading and watching tv, I am tired of scrolling thru viral videos. I want to be outside enjoying the clear Spring days.

8 days down freaking forever to go!

I feel like I se

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