Perfect Glasses USA

For those of you who where glasses most of you know it is hard to find a good pair let alone a pair of glasses that you actually love. I had never really thought about shopping online for a pair until the other day when I went to Perfect Glasses USA. They offer discount glasses for as low as $19 and for you stylish people they have some amazing German frames that will rock your socks of such as these two pairs…

The Perfect Glasses USA website is very easy to navigate and they even have a video telling how to read your prescription…which believe me when I went and picked my prescription up I had no clue what all those numbers meant. Overall I am impressed and I am totally digging this pair of glasses….

So I would recommend checking the website ( and if you are looking for a giveaway well then wander on over to their facebook page. They are currently doing a
giveaway for a Paul Frank Space Cruiser bike for anyone who becomes a fan and is 18+ by June 1, 2010.


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