Playing Catch Up

There has been a lot that has happened…it usually does in absences. I have been super stressed but also had so really good things happen too. So much that its really hard to recap. But since the last post was on Elizabeth I will recap on that first.

She no longer bothers us….kind of funny because she stopped and an acquaintance who had came by our house to visit started talking about things happening around here. We had before that tho invited a local paranormal society in and caught several EVPS, a lot of flashlight communication, and the light also crashed down for no explainable reason. It was all rather creepy and we are very thankful it is no longer happening.

My baby’s father and I aren’t seeing quite eye to eye on things with my son so I have been keeping my son close. He is usually here from the time I get off up until his mamaw gets up and moving the next day.

As for Xay well he is getting so big it’s kind of crazy! His 4th birthday is less then 3 months away and I am getting all his doctor visits because I got his religious exemption from vaccines so he will be starting kindergarten Nov 1st. I think it will be good for him and that he will like it. He talks about it a lot. I think it will be good to get him away from cartoons, cell phones, and xbox 360’s as well.

As for me well this weekend I had the pleasure of meeting two of my older sisters B and Chole. B showed us the city the first night and then we went with Chole to the zoo which was Javo’s first time we didn’t get thru all of it but still it was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to take Xay up there to see it. It was a family reunion for real it took me 9 years to get to meet all but one of my immediate biological family. I still have a older sister out there in Va but she don’t seem to interested in meeting me.

But now it’s back to work as usual but here is a picture for your viewing pleasure 🙂

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