Revamped Rainbow Brite

How many of you remember the 80’s cartoon Rainbow Brite? I have to say I missed that whole generation but was still familiar with the brightly dressed girl and her horse Starlite. Well the that girl from the 80’s has been revamped and is making a comeback! Hallmark has done a wonderful job making Rainbow Brite once again a household name.

When I received this cd-rom to demo (The CD’s were given to me through MomSelect, and Hallmark, the review is mine!) I was skeptical to say the least. I am a die hard old school cartoon lover and am not very fond of the cartoons that are out there for our kids today. However, whenever I started messing around on my computer I found myself instantly in love with Rainbow Brite and her friends Moonglow and Tickled Pink. I decided to share it with my friends daughter who thought that the horses Starlite, Shimmer, and Sunriser was the best thing ever. Everything was very colorful and even Xay took interest. The CD was interactive much like the website. It included jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, and many other games, it also gave information about Rainbow Brite and her friends, and had a short video called “Return To Rainbow Land.” Overall it was enough stuff to keep little girls well occupied for a couple hours.
Now if you wondering where you can get on of these dolls because your daughter, niece, granddaughter or whatever has fallen in love the dolls are being released February 2010 at Target and also a Toys ‘R Us stores.

Are you wanting to see what all I am talking about? Well you can! I am giving away three of the interactive CD containing: * Animated Shorts * Games and Puzzles* The Rainbow Brite Theme Song* A meet and greet of the characers * and much much more! This giveaway is closed!!

winners: Jill, pmerry, and Elaine.


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