Sperm Doner

So I told my lil monkeys (since its going to be born in the year of the monkey) dad that I was pregnant and it was his. He responded by asking how did I figure that he was the dad. I expected that. My response was I don’t another baby daddy anyways I was just making sure I didn’t feel like shit because I wasn’t going to tell him anyways. So I am back to my original statement as far as I am concerned this baby was conceived from a sperm bank and a turkey baster.

Its crazy thinking that this is all me I am going to be doing this alone. I mean some people who are close have reached out and said that would go with me to the doctor visits but when it comes down to it this pregnancy will not be like the last two…..hopefully it won’t be worse I guess we will see.

Names are already decided as well….day 2 of finding out I am pregnant….record speed. Maybe that is because I didn’t have to wait and argue with someone else but either way. I will wait to post the names till I find out if Monkey is a boy or girl….and hopefully there is only one in my stomach.

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