Take Away from My Hysterectomy

So I am officially all clear now and happily back to picking up my kids who I did not realize got so heavy in 6 weeks. Momma needs to lift some weights now apparently.

My post-op visit went smooth. He said the stitches were healed and everything looked good. I asked about the tug/rip pain feeling I get every now and again down low and he said that it was normal and was from the scar tissue and that with time it should go away.

As of right now I feel fine. I think I lost some weight along the way….at least the mommy pudge for me is kinda gone. So maybe that was the plus for me. Being able to say goodbye to my period made me very happy. I have also come to terms with the fact that this body is no longer going to produce babies.

Sex after hysterectomy….yeah I am severely not impressed at the moment and maybe it is because stuff is still sensitive up there but I feel like I cannot get as deep penetration as before. I had hoped that the removal of my cervix would remove the sharp pain I felt when he bottoms out but I feel like it is worse. I am hopeful that with time I can resume all the positions but for now I ain’t much for missionary positions compliments of the hysterectomy. Ohhhh and always have a towel for after sex because what goes in now immediately comes out.

Would I do it again? Under my circumstance yes I would. I will however restate that if I could go back and not have the tubal (I feel lead to this despite the doctor stating it didn’t) I would definitely say no.

On to the new chapter of my life. On to me working on my Masters Degree in counseling.

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