The Total Vaginal Hysterectomy

So March 13, 2019 was the day I got all my baby making parts taken out. As stated previously this was the only option given to me. Honestly as long as their is no long term consequences I am okay with that because at 29 and having 4 kids I am happy with that. Also the fact that I have had to be regularly checked for cervical cancer due to irregular paps well frankly I will be glad not to have another Colposcopy.

So my biggest worry prior to surgery was can my boyfriend handle all the kids by himself? I am independent to a fault and turning the reigns of my house over to anyone let alone a man has caused me much stress. Honestly since my adoptive mom and died died I have not trusted anyone enough to make things go smooth. But with the help of my oldest daughters (the rest of my kids have adopted her as well) Nana a bit of my stress was handled because she stayed the first 3 nights to make sure he transitioned over. Honestly he has done better then anticipated he hasn’t lost his cool and I was very worried it would be to much.

I got to the hospital surgery center at 8:45am it was a 20 minute drive from my house to the hospital I go to and I had to be there at 9:00am. They got me back into a room and Murph chilled with me as they got me together. They gave me a little something for my nerves and then took my back to surgery. I remember asking if I would be out for the catheter because I was scared it was going to hurt and they told me it was already in. I don’t remember anything else until I woke up in recovery. I was uncomfortable, there was pain in my abdomin which they said was cause there was a whole roll of gauze packing me as well as the catheter was left in.

I got taken to a room in the women’s center which is where I gave birth to my last three kids so there was a lot of the nurses I was already familiar with. I remember asking for something for the pain but they wouldn’t let me have anything but a non-narcotic until 24 hours after the spinal I had. By that time I was acutely aware of the fact my back hurting besides the pressure in the front. They had me on clear liquids for the first day…..let me tell you I was more mad about the nastiness of the food they tried to make me eat then anything else. But I made it to shift change when a friend came on duty and was my nurse….she provided me with her personal heating pad and some chicken noodle soup and gave me something to sleep and it was over. I slept until around 2:30 when I asked for another dose of the medicine they were giving me.

The next day they took the catheter out and took out the packing. That was so weird feeling because she just kept pulling the packing out and I was looking like where was all that at?? I was able to go pee for the first time a short while later I think I scared myself more about it where I thought it would hurt but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. They got me some decent breakfast and got me out of the hospital by lunch and thus home recovery began.

I am tired so I believe I am going to rest now and I will write about the home recovery later.

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