Tubal, endometriosis, TVH hysterectomy….WTF?

So at this time I have to respectfully disagree with my doctors opinions on the order of things to do with my period. You see after having 4 kids everyone said I didn’t need no more and pressured me to get my tubes tied. I will say this now and forever more THAT TUBAL WAS MY WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!!

We should have been good you know a surefire way not to have to worry about popping any more kids but what it turned into was a bloody nightmare (pun intended). Prior to my tubal my periods were like clock work I used a app to track them and all was good. I knew exactly when they would come how bad they would be which was only heavy on a couple days but nothing to cause any concerns. All was good. After the tubal I would bleed like someone who was stabbed bleeding thru everything in a hour or so. There was one one where I bled randomly for 4 weeks. I was having to pack extra clothes to work in case I bled thru and don’t even get me started about the cramping. I had to keep midol on me for some sort of relief from the cramps and headaches but there was not help for the fatigue that I felt. So I finally took myself back to the doctor like look you got to fix this. That’s when he ran some tests and determined I had endometriosis. He tried to say that I had to have had this issue prior to the tubal but that is a bald face lie if I ever heard one. But per my research the issue is not something that the medical world accepts. Either way I had my explanation as to what was wrong with me.

So the options were very limited because at that time I was being tested for carpal tunnel so putting me on a birth control was not an option. I refused the IUD because of the last three I had resulting in complications and prone to going missing, I was not a candidate for an ablation so that left one thing…..a hysterectomy. Which he explained would be TVH which meant they were going go up through my vajayjay and cut it all out and leave my ovaries so that I would not have hormone issues. Due to the 6 week recovery I had to schedule it around the money I knew I was getting back for taxes. So I will explain how that went later…..

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