TVH – Recovery week 2

So I will start by saying I have probably been doing way more then I should. This week the majority of the pain is gone. There are times when I am supposed to be still that I ain’t and therefore I end up a bit more sore then what I would be if I was just being lazy.

At week 2 I can do light house work….wiping down stuff, picking up LIGHT stuff. I stress light because the moment I misjudge somethings weight, then I am done. If you listen to your body it tells you a lot and my body reminds me to sit down when I start aching. When that happens I will sit down with my legs up for a few hours.

Today is the end week 2 and I can now ride for about a hour before I need to get out for a break. Today I tried to drive and I am honestly going to probably give it a week or so before I try again. To put it in perspective it was only 3.7 miles (less then 10 minutes) to get to my work and by the time I got there to sign some papers I was ready to rest. By the time I drove the other 3.7 miles home I was done and presently I am laying on the couch resting. Its not that I am in “oh my dear lord please” pain…..its more like “this don’t feel like good” pain.

Week 2 is over and I believe that it isn’t the pain at this point that is my biggest issue….it is the tiredness. I get tired easy doing stuff….again your body tells you when you need to sit down. It is important you listen to your body because if not you may end up screwing something up.

My sister is probably sick of me calling her at this point. My big sister is a nurse so before I freak to big I resort to checking with her about stuff. But since she just had my newest nephew on the 24th I have tried to let her rest and enjoy the handsomeness that is Little Man. So I have resorted to Google. I will say that I wish my doctor had sent me with some of these packs of information these other hospitals give. I try not to go on to forums and stuff rather trying to stick to actual information from hospitals and reputable sources instead.

This week has been challenging mentally. I had to euthanize my dog of almost 10 years Gotti. He had ate something that got lodged in three places. I couldn’t afford surgery and even if I could have made it happen they could not guarantee that he would make it because it looked like he damaged his intestines as well. I cannot describe the level of hurt that brought me because he was my Emotional Support Dog, my best friend, my protector.

Today I return back to counseling and it will be good to unload everything the last two weeks have brought. I feel super bogged down at the moment mentally and will be glad to be able to talk through it without being judged. I love the people around me but they have no clue mentally how I am doing. It isn’t entirely their fault because I tend to keep that kind of stuff well hid because we live in a society that thinks mental health isn’t real that people should just “be happy” or “get over it.” Sometimes that isn’t how things work and I cannot stress how important self-care and mental health is. If you ain’t got someone you talk to about all those private issues you should.

I am probably being more active then I should because when I stop I start processing and dwelling on stuff that has happened. My mind can be my worst enemy at times honestly. And it is not that it affects me in the sense of I cannot function. Nope, that is not me at all I stay on go mode. Which is why this hysterectomy has been a very mentally challenging situation. I over-process stuff because I cannot move. Sure there is a whole lot of plotting for my goals but there is still a whole lot of other stuff swirling. My boyfriend complains because my mind is constantly multitasking even when I am sitting still. But my body is healing and right now taking care of my body takes precedence over anything else.

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