TVH Recovery week 4

I finally feel normal! For the most part that is…every now and again my body will still give me a weird pang here and there though.

I am finally able to drive without feeling pressure on any of my inside bodily things. Which means I now can take my kids to school.

Because I still have a couple weeks before returning to work I have began to try to do my hair and makeup regularly. I realize that while time consuming it does make me feel good.

On the downside I did end up with a BV along the way. Most people think of it as a STI or STD however its really about if the pH level is off inside our vagina well it simply ain’t good for us. I am going back to the doctor to tell her rather that I am guilty of not taking the horrible medicine and to confirm if it is safe to use the cream version.

Also in good ole Kentucky we have lots of trees which means lots of pollen. Presently my nose is dripping off my face and I just generally feel like crap. But hey at least it isn’t painful!

Got to look for that silver lining sometimes.

Even though I am 4 weeks post opt I am still not allowed to lift anything over a milk gallon. I have made this work by pulling stuff when I am sitting down. My doctor would probably have a fit if he knew but *shrugs* I have to many kids to not pull something ever. But I listen to my body when I do so and if I feel the slightest tug I stop.

I am just glad the recovery is almost over and then I can figure out if anything has really changed with my body or if everything is still normal.

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