TVH Recovery Week 5

I see the light at the end of the tunnel finally in terms of this recovery portion. I am so ready to lift my kids without worry that I am going to mess something up. It is going to feel so good instead of having to find the nearest adult and then having to explain why I cannot pick my child up if it is not my boyfriend.

I do get this weird twinge pulling type pain in the area where I would assume my tubes would have been. Not really sure if it is just because I am starting to take my chances a little more in terms of pulling stuff. But I am sure all will be answered as to how well I am healed on the 23rd when I go back for my post-op visit.

Next week I will write more in terms of reflections of the whole process. But first I want to make sure I am healed. I think the worst thing he could tell me is that I need to give it another two weeks. *stress sweats* I am officially close to the end of my funds so I need to be back at work. Honestly I probably would have done less if I had of been at work then I have done being home. I believe he could have released me to my desk job by week 4 when the pain ceased. At least he could guarantee that for 5.5 hours I would have been relatively still.

It sucks sometimes being aware that I may not be making the best decision but it feels so right that I go with it. Sometimes that comes back to bite me in the ass so I definitely would tell someone else going through this surgery to definitely plan on someone taking care of you the first three weeks and to stay lazy as long as possible because as soon as you start moving about people assume you are all better and then start helping you less.

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