Week 3: TVH Recovery Thoughts

So yesterday was the end of week 3 for my recovery and I attempted to post but frankly my computer is a piece of crap and until I can get a new one sometimes I got to deal with the fact it does not want to cooperate.

I am pretty sure at this point I need to have about 5 seats because I am feeling twinges of pain that I hadn’t felt last week. Now this may be also because of the fact that I am now not regularly taking the Tylenol and Motrin around the clock like I was but sometimes I take them both at the same time to be able to curve the pain that pops up. I also had to call my doctors office yesterday to be like “Hey….it hurts to stop peeing! Not to start but to stop.” I know that was probably to much information but if you are reading because you are going through recovery that is something that you need to know! Anyways the nurse advice me no more caffeine (I am a Pepsi addict) and to drink lots of water and try cranberry juice (That stuff is disgusting) and if it wasn’t better in 24-48 hours to come in and get tested for a UTI. Which frankly I believe I should go get tested today but it’s my Birthday y’all and I do not feel the overwhelming need to spend over a hour of my birthday in the doctors office waiting to pee in a cup.

Week 3 and I am got Spring fever and a strong hate for being stuck at the moment without being able to fully enjoy the weather. I tried to drive again and I still feel this pain towards where I am guessing my right ovary is. So I only test my luck on driving when I am out of other options. Which leads to more frustration on my part. I know that I am only halfway through recovery but I am truly not a patient person. 6 weeks down for surgery is not like 6 weeks down from having a baby. I was mentally unprepared for what being down for 6 weeks meant. I tried to prepare myself but until you actually have it done you cannot know what to expect. Some people warned me it was hard, some said it was a cake walk, well I say it is humbling and boring, and frustrating, and little painful.

I cannot wait to be completely healed!

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