If you couldn’t tell, I love to write. I write about motherhood and being a unwed mother of 4, relationships, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, college, counseling and current events. This has always been something that gave me release. Most of my previous experience comes from stuff written for local newspapers as well as a few published poems. If you’re looking for someone who can bring a fresh take on an old topic, consider me for the job. My heart lies in topics that can empower women especially those in bad situations.

Product Reviews and Social Media Campaigns

I am not the girl who will copy and paste a press releases or post a generic advertisement about your product. I simply am to opinionated for that. However, if you are wanting to showcase your brand through the eyes of a honest and creative blogger well then you have came to the write place. I took a break from blogging really because I had to find out what mattered the most to me. How can I help others find great products, without sacrificing my authentic voice. I realized that I had to be more selective and thus I limit my reviews and campaigns to things that mean the most to me.

I’m particularly interested in working with brands that can bring the family together, and I am always to test children related stuff because I have many small kids ranging from grade school to still in diapers. This blog is for women so occasionally you will see me talk about makeup, hair, bags I love to carry and stuff along those lines. If that is your brand feel free to hit me up and we can see what kind of magic we can make happen!