Xay’s 3rd Birthday

This past Saturday my baby boy turned the big age of 3. 
It is honestly hard to believe that time can fly by that fast.
It was like one minute I was giving birth and the next he is
running thru the house screaming for an ipad.

This year he had a lot of girls at his birthday. 
Pictured above are the ones that would hold still.
The blonde haired girls are his cousins while the 
beautiful mixed girls are my home boys little girls,
his little boy is also in the background.
They went thru the house pretending to be
a train.
This year Xay was able to blow out the candles
all by himself. His cake was made out of cupcakes
which was a lot easier for the kids to handle.
He got lots of cars, trucks,
and other things with wheels.
Overall he had a Happy Birthday. 
I did most of the planning within
three days. Maybe one day I will
be able to get his birthday planned 

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