Zaria’s Birth Story

There has been a lot of things that changed since the last post. I had a IUD placed after Storms birth thought I would not be having kids for 10 years. Ha! That is the funniest thing ever because after having my IUD placement checked about a month later I had this dream I was pregnant and thought I would take a test no big deal just to relieve the fear. Yeah I was so wrong because it came back positive. 5 ultrasounds later they confirmed I was for sure pregnant and the IUD was no where in sight. I was horrified because I would have two kids under 2 at the same time. That was NOT part of the plan.

9 months later I went to my 9 check up as usual the doctor stripped my membranes and I came to work. Within the hour the contractions started and they weren’t going away so I left and went home. My boyfriend was at work so I got my car to my oldest daughters father so he could get the kids from daycare and had a friend drive me to the hospital. My friend/photographer got there a little after me and so we walked and rocked on the ball. But this baby was not going anywhere. Her daddy got there and was with me but a man is never much help right cuz he put me in the situation. Haha. So a little after midnight they checked me and realized the only thing keeping me from having this baby was the fact that my water just would not break on its own so finally after 11.5 hours of labor that really wasn’t that bad they broke my labor and everything got into motion and a couple minutes after midnight Zaria made her debut on Jan 5, 2018 she was about a week early because she was supposed to be born close to her dad’s bday which was Jan 11th.

We came home to a house full of flu all the kids had it. But we made it through no sickness. She is now 4 months old. She babbles, she has a severe hanger (hungry + angry) problem and she is turning over. She has been able to hold her head up since she was born. She is my Ria Baby!

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