Ziah’s Birth Story

2:00am on April the 27th I woke up because I needed to go to the bathroom and then laid back down thinking that I wasn’t having real contractions but by 2:15am I realized that my contractions were 5 minutes apart and fairly strong so I needed to get a hold of my mom and Javo and get to the hospital which was about 30 minutes away. I got mom up and on her way to me but Javo was harder to get a hold of. I called him 8 times and finally had to call his granny to get him up and waiting for us to get there.

We got to the hospital at 3:00am and I was 5cm dilated but my contractions were coming faster and stronger tho but the nurses though that I had plenty of time and the doctor was on call but not at the hospital yet. They ran tests, got me hooked up to the machines but by the time they were putting in my IV I was in so much pain they checked me again and I was 8cm they were going to get me a 25mil of demerol but before they could give it to me I started the bloody show and the nurses started getting ready and called the doctor. I told them I had so much pressure and that I needed to push and they kept telling me not too because the doctor wasn’t here. I told them that I couldn’t stop and that she was coming right now. They looked and sure enough there was her head coming, three pushes and out she came born at 4:13am. The doctor came in about 10 minutes later still looking half  asleep and dazed by the fact that he didn’t need to deliver anything but the afterbirth.

I was only in labor 2 hours and 13 minutes….a big difference from her brother who took 7 1/2 hours to be born.

She weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 19 1/2inches. She came out kicking and screaming looking just like me when I was born. I am certainly happy to finally have her here rather then in my stomach and look forward to the adventures that she and my son promise.

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