Ziah’s Hair Care

Hair care is important of any child’s hair. Ziah is 75% black and her hair around the edges is more like mine but the middle part is all black girl hair and it is a constant battle. This is a sour point between her father and I because her hair tends to end up dry and frizzy looking by the end of the day and he informs me I am not black enough to know what I’m doing. But most of the problem with Ziah’s breakage and frizzy hair comes from the fact that when Pumpkin gets tired she self comforts herself by her hands holding, twisting and pull on her edges. She doesn’t out right pull it out but it is definitely isn’t as thick as the rest of her hair. No matter what kind of tricks I have tried this has been a habit she had since birth and it wrecks havoc on her hair. But here is our hair care process:

On Washing

We follow the rules of thumb of washing once a week but we shampoo her hair once a month we just co-wash the rest of the time. Sometimes you in the winter she may go longer without washing whereas in the summer sometimes we need to wash more depending on what she has done. Overwashing can lead to dull and dry hair especially when done with the wrong shampoo.  We currently use SheaMoisture moisture retention shampoo on the days we do a full wash. When I’m just co-washing I use a olive oil conditioner and then every other week we do Proclaims intense hydrating masque which we leave on for 15 mins before washing it out. We always air dry after blotting the hair with a towel. 

On The Moisturizing Note

There is no doubt that moisture is important.  Moisturize with products that work for your child’s hair because not everyone is the same and be generous with the number of times you moisturize usually here it is once in the morning and once before she goes to bed. For Ziah’s hair I use Lusters Pink Lotion and then Mystic Devine Nourishing Dry Oil Spray. Every time I style, I moisturize. And when I need to detangle her hair I use Cantu Care for Kids conditioning detangler wide tooth comb and pick. 

Depending on how Storm’s hair turns out when she gets older this is probably the same routine we will try first with her. It may work or I may have to use different products. Like with mine I use a similar routine but I don’t use the pink lotion that often I use a conditioner made for curls which did not work for Pumpkins hair.

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